• Use a single, authoritative repository for storing and organizing electronic documents linked to your geospatial data.
  • Retrieve drawings, images or documents related to a feature or a grid (in absence of a feature) by running a simple spatial query.
  • Secure access from any location means people are working with timely and appropriate information.

Key features

  • Select a feature or a grid on a map to retrieve all associated documents
  • Quickly link documents with any geospatial feature, project area, land parcel, or grid reference
  • Centralized repository for documents, graphics, photos etc.…
  • Supports both standardized and custom metadata
  • Classify documents according to company taxonomy
  • Use “document sets” to manage related information sources

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Solution fundamentals

System Requirements
  • ColdFusion
  • Oracle dB

Seamless, Relevant, Timely and Trustworthy Geospatial Data

The x-Spatial solution suite allows your enterprise to maintain a definitive source of geospatial based information to share with users, systems and all stakeholders across the organization.

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Supporting Services

x-Spatial delivers process reviews and a project delivery plan to help set up your solution, then exceptional support and any additional consultancy you may request.

x-Spatial is staffed by engineers and IT professionals with over 30 years of experience covering not just airport facilities operations but also architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) and software development, implementation and integration.

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Solution guide

  • DDMS helps you find, manage and share CAD and business documents throughout their lifecycle.
  • Retrieve drawings, images or documents related to a feature by running a simple spatial query.
  • Intuitive interface allows you to search or browse for documents based on any information you know about the document(s), independent of the document’s location on your file server.
  • Throughout your enterprise DDMS provides an effective way of working with a large number of documents that often consist of hundreds of different file types and are often stored within confusing folder or file names.

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