AvStats (Aviation Statistics application) is an enterprise class web browser based software designed for collection, analysis and reporting of Aviation related statistical data provided by various Airlines and their operators.

AvStats intuitive user interface provides the data administrators a simple yet robust method not only for entering data but to develop custom reports as well as exporting data for further analysis.

AvStats provides end users with the  ability to create numerous ad hoc reports to answer their business question as the occasion requires

The result is one of the industry's most comprehensive approaches to airport and aviation statistics.

Key features

  • A purpose built based application for tracking flights, passengers, baggage, mail, & cargo data
  • Robust and flexible reporting engine, allowing users to create custom reports that can be automatically or manually published
  • Ability to assign a terminal or pier to an airline / carrier.
  • Ability to create your own custom reports using Crystal Reports.
  • Flexible data mining tool for reviewing data based on various available fields such as carrier name, or terminal etc.

AvStats ensures that:

  • ll Aviation statistics can be entered, viewed, reported on  and changes tracked in a trustworthy, consistent and secure manner
  • An audit trail is left showing what has been changed, when and by whom

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Solution fundamentals

System Requirements
  • Oracle 11g R2 Database
  • ColdFusion
  • Crystal Reports

The x-Spatial solution suite allows your enterprise to maintain a definitive source of information to share with users, systems and all stakeholders across the organization.

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Supporting Services

x-Spatial delivers process reviews and a project delivery plan to help set up your solution, then exceptional support and any additional consultancy you may request.

x-Spatial is staffed by engineers and IT professionals with over 30 years of experience covering not just airport facilities operations but also architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) and software development, implementation and integration

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Solution guide

AvStats provides the most accurate and comprehensive picture of any airport's revenue generating activity, by consolidating domestic and international aviation statistics for airline carriers and operators activities, passenger numbers and destinations, Freight and baggage loads etc.

You can access, update and report on individual or multiple carrier statistics in a trustworthy, consistent and secure manner.

AvStats allows you to define and report upon the various geographical regions serviced by the diverse carriers and their operators.

By selecting any number of data parameters and using  bulk export to excel allows for easy evaluation by various users within the company

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