AviSoft is a browser-based software solution for managing all aspects of leasing and concessions at an airport.

This comprehensive intranet system collects, manages, maintains and displays all relevant airport lease and facility information.

AviSoft combines the latest in Oracle database technology with an intuitive accounting interface, a comprehensive concessions module and fully integrated Autodesk MapGuide engine.

The result is the most comprehensive picture of airport leasing and facilities available.

Key features

  • Company / Contact Management
  • Agreement Management
  • Customizable Approval Workflows for Company & Agreement Alteration
  • Space & Facility Management
  • Integrated GIS (Geographic Information System) Module
  • Date Driven Alerts
  • Fuzzy Search
  • User Defined and Customizable Reports
  • Interface to Accounting System (ERP)
  • Concession Module
  • Multiple Billing Types

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Solution fundamentals

System Requirements
  • Oracle 11g R2 Database
  • ColdFusion
  • Crystal Reports
  • Autodesk Infrastructure Map Sever (MapGuide Enterprise)
  • Autodesk Map 3D / Civil 3D for GIS Data Creation

Seamless, Relevant, Timely and Trustworthy Geospatial Data

The x-Spatial solution suite allows your enterprise to maintain a definitive source of geospatial based information to share with users, systems and all stakeholders across the organization.

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Supporting Services

x-Spatial delivers process reviews and a project delivery plan to help set up your solution, then exceptional support and any additional consultancy you may request.

x-Spatial is staffed by engineers and IT professionals with over 30 years of experience covering not just airport facilities operations but also architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) and software development, implementation and integration.

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Solution guide

AviSoft is a distributed application for managing and maintaining information about properties, tenants and tenancy agreements. One major use of this information is providing details that are used for generating invoices for tenants, based on the terms of their agreements.

Intuitive map-based navigation and queries are supported by Autodesk’s MapGuide, which is embedded within AviSoft. AviSoft is available on a purchase, lease, or ASP-rental basis.

The information managed by AviSoft can be divided into the following major categories:

  • general facility information
  • tenant information
  • agreement information
  • alerts
  • documents
  • General facility information
  • ...

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