At x-Spatial, we understand the business value of your data and the business processes you need to support.

We have worked with airport operators and owners to develop software solutions for large, complex infrastructures.

Our solutions build on open standards and open database access to make sure they work easily with any systems you already have in place.

x-Spatial Suite of Solutions

GDMS – Geospatial Data Modeling System

A GDMS (Geospatial Data Modeling System) allows CAD and GIS applications to access and edit the same features while retaining their original fidelity and attributes.

Geospatial Data Modeling System (GDMS) is a platform-independent Oracle Locator / Spatial based application.

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Mapping and 360° Imagery
  • Point Cloud scanning combined with 360° Imagery brings the familiarity of street maps to your GIS user base
  • Seamlessly combine indoor and outdoor scans and imagery, whilst distribution and publishing within days of scanning
  • Integration with ESRI, Autodesk and all leading Platforms or any custom application

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 GDMS Moblie

The extension of a GDMS from the office into the field is GDMS Mobile. It allows you to access, capture, store, update, manipulate, analyze, and display geographic information directly in the field.

GDMS mobile will dramatically improve your ability to collect in-situ data, edit or verify data using a handheld device.

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DDMS – Drawing & Document Management

Use a single, authoritative repository for storing and organizing electronic documents linked to your geospatial data.

Retrieve drawings, images or documents related to a feature by running a simple spatial query. Secure access from any location means people are working with timely and appropriate information.

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AviSoft – Property & Tenant Management

A comprehensive, browser based, purpose built application for managing airport properties and tenants. AviSoft manages and maintains all tenant related agreements and billing information.

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LMA – Leaseline Management Application

LMA automates the creation of “lease exhibit” drawings and provides the data used by the Geographic Information System (GIS) component of AviSoft.

LMA adds intelligence to space management drawings of buildings and facilities in complex infrastructure environments such as airports

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AvStats – Aviation Statistics

AvStats is an integrated software suite for collecting, managing and keeping track of Aviation Statistics provided by the Aviation Carrier companies.

AvStats consolidates data from air carriers, aircraft tracking services, as well as commercial and government data providers to provide information describing all aspects of airport activity including aircraft operations, passenger activity, gate utilization, space utilization and mail/cargo volume

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