Standards and guidelines

x-Spatial has extensive experience and thorough knowledge of best practices, demanded for developing and maintaining data standards and guidelines.

Our team of experts stands ready to provide the necessary expertise and staffing to enhance your existing standards and guidelines.

All Standards and guidelines should:

  • Be practicable and easy to implement (usability).
    This is the key to successful adoption of standards. It is no use spending time and effort developing brilliant theories which no-one will actually be able to use.
  • Be consistent (consistency) Standards should bring clarity but not confusion or ambiguity.
    To be credible, all related standards must give the same message.
  • Make use of existing industry, national and international standards (re-usability)
    Do not re-invent the wheel. Benefit from experiences and mistakes made all around the world.
  • Be platform and software independent (portability).
    As platform- and software- life-cycles are shorter than the life-cycle for data, avoid locking yourself in to standards.

Implementing these standards and guidelines will then:

  • Facilitate data exchange (data interoperability)
    Standards should define data formats that make it easier for users and applications to exchange data.
  • Enable bridges with existing data (data interconnection)
    Instead of duplicating data to make it available to different applications, try to build links to them.

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