Change management

At x-Spatial we strongly believe that dealing with the change that an enterprise geospatial system brings, and more importantly, the impact of change is a high priority for all organizations.  

Our highly experienced team can provide support, and road maps on the best sustainable approach for succeeding during these important changes.

  • Change and the individual
  • Change and the organization
  • Communication and stakeholder engagement
  • Change practice

One information source – Multiple Users

Change Management Benefits For Individuals

  • Understand the human side of change and know how to help people deal more effectively with change.
  • Know how to identify and work with the stakeholders in a change initiative, and how to plan, execute and measure the effective communications required to build and maintain their engagement.
  • Know how to assess the impacts of change, to develop effective change teams and to recognize and address resistance to change.
  • ...

Change Management Benefits For Organizations

  • Build the organization’s capability and capacity to deal successfully with change, improving agility and increase the probability of success.
  • Minimize risks by aligning change initiatives with established, process-driven methods.
  • Improve assessment of change impact, integrated change planning and successful embedding of change into the life of the organization
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