Quality management

The overall objective of data quality management is to guarantee that all facilities and infrastructure data is always of sufficient quality to meet user requirements. Quality management applies to all parties involved in providing and using this data; and to all stages in the data life cycle, from origination to maintenance and eventual archiving or destruction.

Our highly experienced team can provide all your enterprise requires to achieve a sustainable Quality Management Program.

When a quality policy that meets the needs of different users has been defined and agreed, the department responsible for quality management can then:

  • set up a quality assurance program including procedures to verify compliance with applicable requirements, standards and procedures
  • provide documentation and reports to demonstrate how the quality management system (QMS) is functioning
  • appoint management-level staff to monitor the accuracy and usefulness of related procedures and to make sure these procedures are applied
  • review and revise the QMS as appropriate

The QMS is audited regularly, requiring proof that maintenance processes for data covering each type of registered asset – origination, production, handling, processing, transfer or distribution – are:

  • clearly defined
  • up to date
  • adequate to guarantee the level of integrity assigned to the data item

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