Data processing

Geospatial Data Processing Framework with the xSpatial solution suite

Capture and maintain geospatial data that helps drive your business forward

Every Enterprise needs an accurate geospatial inventory of all their properties, assets, networks and space usage along with the complex array of related information.

The initial challenge of retrieving historical information and verifying the location and the accuracy of related attributes; or commissioning High definition scans for existing installations whilst ensuring that data quality and interoperability with other systems; is a core part of the x-spatial solution suite.

Maintaining this information as new capital projects are commissioned alongside the multitude of smaller projects and improvements that are part of an enterprises life cycle is where the x-spatial solution suite excels; by having data quality control built into the solution and guaranteeing a seamless exchange of data between CAD, BIM and GIS while ensuring full interoperability with all of your other enterprise systems.

Our mobile solution allows you to capitalize on your workforce by, expanding data creation and editing to non-GIS users in both the office and the field.

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